Tuesday, July 2, 2013

tutorial #1

Hello Brides and DiYers!  I believe that handcrafted items give more meaning to any celebration, especially a wedding, so this month I am bringing you an easy tutorial for making beautiful and unique escort cards.

Materials you need:

faux flowers, tags, pen, x-acto knife, decorative tape (washi tape), number stamps, ink pad for stamps, scissors.

Step One:

Write the name of the guest with a pen in the lower left hand corner of the tag.  Stamp the table number next to the name.

Step Two:

Make a cut in center lower part of the tag.

Step Three:

Cut a flower with stem from the branch.  Insert stem of flower through the cut in the tag.

Step Four:

Tape to secure the stem of the flower to the back of the tag with either clear tape or decorative tape.

Step Five:

admire your work

Step Six:

Tape the tags to a door (this is our chippy pink door) or any other surface and let the guests find themselves!

(this is the first of a monthly tutorial column i will be writing, so come back often!)



  1. Such a cute idea! All of the photo links seem to be broken though, aside form the first photo.

  2. hi katy! thank you for letting me know. it looked fine in my computer but not on my ipad. i fixed it. thanks again!