Sunday, September 29, 2013

tutorial #2, ring pillow!

so, here i am again, a little bit late this time because we moved and you know how moving is...stressful and messy, but we are getting there and i will show some pics when we are settled.
in this new tutorial i am going to teach you how to make a simple, but beautiful ring pillow.  so let's get to it!

materials you need:  vintage (or new fabric), felt (wool felt preferably), ruler, polyester filling, thread, scissors, ribbon (not shown), button (optional)

cut a square of the fabric and a square of a coordinating piece of felt.  mine are 6x6 inches.  now the question is:  sew by hand or sew with machine?  either one is perfectly fine, the pillows are small so it is not going to take much time to sew by hand.

join the two squares together (wrong sides facing) by sewing around them, leaving a 5/8 seam allowance.  leave a portion of approximately 2 inches without sewing, so you can insert the filling (photo below).

insert the filling through the opening

sew the opening and trim the edges with pinking shears (so the fabric doesn't fray)

mark the center of the back and front of the pillow with a fabric marker (this is where you are going to sew the ribbon)

cut the ribbon to the desired length (remember that you are going to tie the rings with it) and place it on the top part to the pillow, sew it through all the layers.  now, for the back i added a vintage button, i think it looks more finished that way, but you can skip the button if you like.

and voilĂ ! your pillow is ready!  enjoy your creation and your wedding!

(oh, if you decide sewing is not for you, i am going to have some ring pillows for sale in my etsy shop!)